Noteworthy Farm


Noteworthy Farm is based on approx 12 acres, which is utilised for growing meadow hay and housing our prize winning herd of Angora goats (which are very friendly).

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Our Herd name is Yanchella Angora Goats. Our goats have been in TV and used in films like Snow White and The Huntsman.

We had winning success at the Angora Goat Breed Show, and Devon County show with our animals and our fleece.

We also have black, grey and brown coloured Angora goats.

Our goats only produce milk for their young and are not milking goats, instead they provide a lovely fleece called Mohair which is shorn twice a year, and used in the fibre and craft industry.

We are members of the British Angora Goat Society as well as the Mohair Marketing Board.

We also have chickens and ducks which are free range and visit the site on regular occasions.

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Noteworthy Farm Craft Shop and Trade Stall

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We have made available our own brand of Mohair products including;

• Angora Goat Meat (subject to availability)
• Mohair Socks
• Knitted Mohair Shawls, Hats and Bags
• Mohair Wool, Machine and Hand Spun
• Angora Goat Skin Rugs
• Woven Cushions

Spinning Lessons

At Noteworthy you can come to stay and learn how to spin Mohair and other natural fibres or bring your own wool (spinning wheels can be provided).

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We run only spinning and knitting groups & workshops as well as classes on dyeing natural fibres.

For booking and assistance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01409 253 731 / 07811 000 071